My Reality. 3-6-15

My reality.
I have been up all night with a terrible pain in my left chest.  When I was home and this happened  I would just get into my deep soaker tub for about 7 hours.  After about an hour, it would start to feel better, and I knew it was just my spinal cord and not a heart attack.  But without my equipment, I just have to put a heating pad on my chest, remain very still, take morphine and pray it is just my spine once more.  I don’t run to a hospital in the middle of the night because I pass out from the spinal pain, and a doctor who doesn’t know my condition will punch me in the chest or put the paddles on me, because he cannot get a heartbeat.  This is my reality and what I deal with every day!  I was always scared, but never
unable to help myself.  Life with spinal cord injury and severe autonomic damage is  continuing medical crises that need to be continually managed:  daily hazard.  Nobody who is not affected by this 28-month-homeless nightmare can ever understand what each one of  us lost!!!

Your thoughts?

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